Why Rent?

We all need a place to stay, a place to call home even in times of transition. Why hassle with buying, moving, setting up and then having to move, store, sell or discard furniture when you are done with it, when you can rent furniture from RentStore? Cost-effective, convenient and hassle-free, furniture rental is the smart, flexible alternative for times of transition.

Short or Long-Term Solutions

Whether you’re a corporate commuter or a student furniture rental is an ideal solution. From several months to several years and everything in between, RentStore has the lease term options you need for your stay.

Convenient & Perzonalized

Personalize your own space by choosing your furniture by the room or by the piece. Rentstore provides you furniture which you need.


Seriously Hassle-Free

RentStore Furniture Rental provides a furnished life without compromise or commitment.