Conditions of Use

Terms and Conditions of the Lease

  1. The customer shall have the right to have peaceful possession of the Furniture for the Term, upon fulfillment of conditions as per the agreement.
  2. The customer shall take reasonable good care of the furniture and not sell, sub-lease, sub-hire to another person. Further, the customer shall not alter, modify, redesign, recolor, and dismantle without prior permission of the Company. Breach of this term can subject to action by the Company. The Company can demand a repair of the goods or attract fines which might be adjusted in the deposit upon return of the goods.
  3. All the goods provided to the customer will be covered under warranty. All the genuine cases of malfunction need to be informed to the Company and the Company would address and resolve the case. The warranty does not apply to the damage caused by accidents, mishandling or negligence on part of the customer.
  4. The customer shall not relocate/remove the goods away from the premises, without prior written permission from the company. The Company has the right to retain the deposit amount upon breach of this term.
  5. The Customer shall pay the Monthly rent as specified. This rent shall be paid in advance to the Company during this period of the Agreement.
  6. The Customer shall pay a refundable deposit as specified and continue to keep deposited a sum as agreed in the Order form.
    1. Refund of Deposit: On the termination date, the company shall take possession of the goods and will refund 100% amount of the security deposit to the customer subject to deduction of any amount recoverable from the customer as mentioned in the agreement.
    2. Early Termination: The security deposit will not be refunded in case the agreement is breached/termination prior to the mentioned duration of the agreement.
  7. This Lease Agreement is locked in for a rental period as specified in the agreement. The Agreement may be terminated by either party by providing 30 days prior notice to the other party and subject to clause 6(2).
  8. The Customer can continue/request renewal of the agreement and this should be informed 30 days prior to the Company.
  9. The customer can pay the monthly rent vide Cheque/Cash/ECS/NEFT.
  10. The court at Pune only shall be deemed to the courts of jurisdiction in respect of any disputes, claims, suits, etc., arising from or relating to this contract.